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Corporate Publishing/E-Corporate Publishing

Editorially prepared magazines offer added value to the company and customers, employees or business partners. The increased attractiveness of the products increases range and may lead to a positive influence on the business objectives of a company. Target groups are reached and informed according to their needs and habits, increasing trust and credibility of the company.

The trend in Corporate Publishing more and more goes towards E-Publishing and mobile offers. Corporate Publishing more and more reaches the digital world as well – companies provide their publications on websites and enable simple access to the target groups of your Corporate Publishing products.

We determine together with you, which Corporate Publishing product is best for you, which path– off- or online – is most targeted, and generate customer magazines, anniversary volumes, newsletters or E-Papers for you in Corporate Publishing.

Anniversary volumes

Company chronicles/anniversary volumes and customer magazines sustainably support your corporate communication. If desired, Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH will implement the entire project for you:
  • design/presentation of ideas
  • editorial office/author search
  • typesetting/layout/production/print
  • pre-calculation and budget planning
  • competent consulting
  • sales in book trade or target-group specific sales in magazines (on request and coordination)
  • presentation at the book fair (on request and coordination)
We cooperate with Heel Verlag GmbH (Königswinter), an affiliated company, in the production of books. High-quality productions, cost-efficient gift volumes or book-trade-capable end customer products – we develop communications concepts for you and with you and bundle all services to the finished product for product generation. Additionally, we offer sales to book dealers on request. Your benefits:
  • can be used individually
  • can be adjusted to the international target markets
  • direct coordination of the multipliers and end customers

Corporate Publishing

Carmen Nawrath
Carmen Nawrath
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Dr. Michael Werner
Dr. Michael Werner
Head of Publishing
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