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- High-quality industry addresses for your direct marketing

Datadress direct marketing is the partner for advertisers who want to increase their popularity among operations of the producing industry by highly efficient mailings.

This is initially a service that generates and provides target groups from an address pool of 350,000 high-quality recipient addresses. The quality and persecution of this offer are unique.

The central features of industry, function and size (among many others) regarding managers, executives and specialists permit focussing and graduating advertisement targets to connect intense success to economic limitation in the best manner.

In addition to the address offer, Datadress direct marketing can also process the handling of mailings of any composition. We cooperate with competent letter shop partners that we trust or with recognised direct-mail companies. All provisions for the collection of data and their leasing are performed and monitored according to the provisions of general and special data privacy. We demand commitment declarations as common in the industry from the processing orders and their officers as well to warrant their diligence.

Datadress – high-quality industry addresses for your direct marketing campaigns.

Datadress Mediadaten


Standalone-newsletters are one of the most effective advertising agents in online marketing. They can be used to contact potential customers personally. These are only recipients who have agreed to being sent an email by a double opt-in.

The newsletter is sent in the name of our media brands and contains 100% customer contents. It is therefore particularly suitable for illustrating product offers or company information in detail and with illustrations. Standalone mailing has the benefit of confronting the recipients once by a highly advertising-effective campaign.

Your benefits

• Direct proximity to the brand
• Recommendation character of the dispatcher brand
• Undivided attention among the users
• Minimisation of the scatter loss

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Maika Kirchhoff
Maika Kirchhoff
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