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Reprint of our publications

Die The magazine and all articles and figures in it are copyright-protected. Any use outside of the narrow thresholds of copyright law is prohibited and punishable without the publisher’s previous express written consent. This shall specifically apply to reproductions, translations, micro fiche recordings and storage and editing in electronic systems. With the acceptance of the editorial content (e-texts, photos, figures, etc.) and their publication in this magazine, the comprehensive, exclusive, specially and temporarily unlimited usage right passes to the publisher. This shall specifically include the rights to publication in print media of all kinds and the corresponding reproduction and distribution, the right to editing, redesign and translation, the right to use for own advertising, the right to electronic/digital utilisation, e.g. storage and processing in electronic systems, publication in data networks and on data carriers of all kinds, e.g. by illustration in the scope of internet and online services, CD-ROM, CD and DVD and database use, as well as the right to transfer the above usage rights to third parties, i.e. grant reprint rights.

Exclusion of liability

ELiability for the accuracy of the editorial content cannot be assumed in spite of careful review by the editorial office. Signed contributions do not necessarily reflect the editor's opinion. No warranty can be assumed for articles submitted unsolicitedly. Generally, only such works must be submitted that were not concurrently submitted for publication anywhere else or that have already been published. The general terms and conditions shall apply.


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