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vehicle technology

Subject: vehicle technology

Vehicle technology comprehensively considers concept, construction and simulation, as well as operation of the overall vehicle system and its individual components in a context with the driver and the environment.

These specialist magazines contain the subject selectively prepared depending on target group:

Fachzeitschrift Mobile Maschinen Design of construction, agricultural and forestry machinery, material handling, municipal and special-purpose vehicles
magazine Mobile Maschinen

Fachzeitschrift antriebstechnik the design, development and application for drives and controls
magazine antriebstechnik

Fachzeitschrift O+P Fluidtechnik Oil hydraulics and pneumatics Magazine for fluid technology, actuation, control electronics and sensors
magazine O+P Fluidtechnik

Fachzeitschrift DER KONSTRUKTEUR Journal for design and development

Fachzeitschrift WLB environmental technology for industry and municipalities
magazine wlb

Fachzeitschrift f+h material flow, inventory management and logistics management
magazine f+h

WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – Motion, Drives & Automation International trade magazine for motion, drive and automation
magazine WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Motion, Drives and Automation

WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Intralogistics & Distribution International trade magazine for material flow and material management
magazine WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Intralogistics and Distribution